Captain Nacho is operating in the industry since 2016. For four years now, we supply Nachos products in different establishment in the Philippines such as hotel, bar, restaurants, groceries, supermarkets, and local resellers. 

It all started in Olongapo City (Subic) known as one of the best place for great food and the best quality. At first, we tried our luck by offering the products to different establishments. Good enough, that our local patronizers become our loyal customers and brand resellers also.

One lesson that we learned from the start is purely passion and dedications in what we do. A great vision and passion is our main priority. Our goal is not just to do business but we want to change life and elevate living. We want to understand your goals, support you and lift you up and that’s our continuous source of inspiration.

Things are starting to take shape. Captain Nacho is not only a food service distributor of healthy snack but we welcome now franchisee who wants to share the oppurtunities of starting your own Captain Nacho Store. 

There are so many great ways to tell our story. We’re not just only a brand, we’re equipped by experienced. At Captain Nacho, we believe in providing you the best at reasonable price and that’s our promise. We want our customers to feel the cost is affordable and the value of their hard earned money is worth. 

We are excited for the future of what is to come. It’s just a small part of our story. 

- The Philippines Yummiest Nachos

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