Q : What is my first step?

A : First, contact us, either by social media, phone or by email. Indicate that you want to learn more about Captain Nacho franchising program and would like to schedule an appointment.  

Q : How much is the Franchise Fee?

A: Franchise fee of Captain Nacho cost Php299,000.00. 

Q : How much is the royalty?

A : We don’t have royalty fee.  

Q : What does the franchise package inclusion? 

A : The Franchise Package inclusion covers the following : 

Captain Nacho Kiosk


  • Chest Freezer
  • Electric Stove
  • Electric Double Juice Dispenser
  • Under Cabinet Hood (if necessary)

Small wares

Initial Products


Marketing & Advertising

In-house Sales and Inventory System (gadget not included)

- Inventory System 

- Sales Monitoring System 

Q : What are your qualifications for Franchisee?

A : A solid history of food experience is an advantage and hospitality experience is preferred, though it is not a requirement. We do require that our franchisees have a passion for business, a drive to grow and the desire to become a meaningful part of their communities.

Q : Do you provide location? 

A : We don’t provide locations for our franchisees, we highly recommend that you have a location in mind before going through the application process.

Q : What makes a good location?

A : Captain Nacho recommend locations with a large amount of foot traffic and local population. Areas with high counts for both foot and vehicle traffic will drive business, while good visibility will draw customers attention to our branding and marketing. Captain Nacho works well in locations, such as large shopping centers, mall, movie area, foodcourt, supermarket, transport stations, resorts, arenas, and busy residential-business areas.

Q : What are the growth markets for Captain Nacho?

A : When Captain Nacho began to distribute nachos products in Olongapo in the year of 2016, we represented a forward thinking approach through the support of our existing distributors and patronizers. We exploded across Luzon and some part of Visayas and Mindanao. We believe our brand will quickly grow great name recognition and a reputation for being the best in our industry. 

Q : How does Captain Nacho help franchisees win customers?

A : Our marketing strategies and support help franchisees bring customers in, and our focus on the community brings them back. We can help you more directly reach customers in your area through targeted social media and other digital marketing. 

Q : How soon can I expect my Captain Nacho franchise to open?

A : We will study your desired location for an analysis. Your Captain Nacho Store will generally open within 4weeks to 5weeks after signing your franchise agreements.

Q : Does Captain Nacho offer financing?

A : No, we don't provide financing but we do have resources that will assist you in obtaining financing.

Q : How many units can I develop?

A : It will depend on how many units you are capable of/willing to develop. We currently offer franchise oppurtunities for individual franchisees and oppurtunities for area developers. We encourage our franchisees to develop their operational abilities so they are capable of owning and managing multiple store. 

Q : Will I have a protected territory?

A : Protected territory is given to our future partners who buy the rights and being the franchisor of Captain Nacho. Its either a specific region in the Philippines or outside the country. This give them the rights to market and open the franchising business of Captain Nacho in their own territory. 

To learn more about Franchise opportunities with Captain Nacho, call us. 

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